Can mobile phone signal blind spots be solved with amplifiers?

Can mobile phone signal blind spots be solved with amplifiers?

As the name suggests, a cell phone signal boost is a device that enhances mobile phone signals. This kind of equipment is already very common in the market. It solves communication problems for many users with poor mobile phone signals. What role does it play in solving signal problems? Let's join together have a look.

First of all, if the mobile phone is in the signal blind area, it will cause the phenomenon of "out of service area" or call interruption. This blind area includes outside the network coverage area, such as suburban countryside and other places where network communication facilities have not yet been built, and the mobile phone in the city is blocked by shielding objects and the signal is covered. Places that cannot be reached, such as in elevators, underground places, buildings, etc. At this time, the use of mobile phone signal amplifiers can enhance the strong external signals through the receiving antenna. The common ones in the market are Linchuang mobile phone signal amplifiers.

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Second, the phone is dropped due to a failed handover. Network operators serve users by transmitting wireless signals through base stations. The range of base stations is limited, so there may be many base stations in an area. All base stations are combined into a network system. Each base station has its own range. If the range is exceeded, the mobile phone must replace the base station, so as to keep the mobile phone in the network all the time. When a user goes beyond one serving cell to another serving cell during the call, the user's voice channel will also be switched from the original serving cell, but if the new serving cell is very busy at this time, there is no extra channel allocated to it. Therefore, the handover of the serving cell will fail, so the call process of the user will also be interrupted. Nowadays, this problem is solved by installing mobile phone signal amplifiers. Although adding base stations can appropriately alleviate this situation, it will also increase the cost, and too many base stations will also increase radiation and pollute the environment. Therefore, how to not increase the number of base stations, and how the mobile phone signal amplifier can make it difficult to drop the line during handover is a problem that network operators focus on solving.

Finally, there is also a situation where the signal is not good due to interference. In this situation, it is of little significance to install a mobile phone signal amplifier. Since the signal received by the mobile phone works through the propagation of electromagnetic waves, the base station establishes a connection with the mobile phone by transmitting radio waves, so as to achieve the purpose of voice communication. Therefore, the interference of electromagnetic waves will have an adverse effect on the mobile phone. When the interference of some electromagnetic waves in the air exceeds a certain level, and the signal-to-noise ratio of the mobile phone is reduced below the standard value, the mobile phone will have no signal or dropped calls. We need to stay away from the interference area to make normal calls.

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