Entering the 5G life, do you still need a mobile phone signal amplifier?

Entering the 5G life, do you still need a mobile phone signal amplifier?

Mobile phone signal amplifier, as the name implies, is to amplify mobile phone signals. Mobile phone signal operators are currently divided into three major operators: Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. Mobile phone signals are divided into mobile phone call signals and Internet access signals. It is divided into 2G and 3G signals of mobile phones, and the Internet signal of mobile phones is divided into 4G signals of mobile phones. The current mobile phone signal amplifiers cannot be used to amplify 5G signals in the 5G era for the time being, but the future may not be possible. The signal amplifier is actually a miniature wireless repeater.

The working principle of the phone signal booster is actually to amplify the signal after receiving the signal of the base station, and amplify the signal of the mobile phone and transmit it to the base station, which plays a role of two-way amplification.

The signal amplifier has an operating frequency, but because 5G uses a new frequency band, the existing signal amplifier cannot amplify the 5G signal.

There is a filter inside the signal amplifier, which can only amplify the signal in the specified frequency band.

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The current amplifiers are all based on the frequency band of the existing network, such as 900M, 1800M, 2100M, etc., but because 5G uses a new frequency band, the mobile is 160M 2.6Ghz and 100M 4.9Ghz, China Unicom and Telecom are 100M 3.5Ghz, radio and television now seems to be 700M. These are new frequency bands, and the existing amplifiers just won't work. The filter belongs to hardware and cannot be upgraded by software, so the amplifiers on the existing network cannot amplify the 5G signal.

In the future, if the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology approves the three major operators to re-cultivate the 2/3/4G frequency band, it is possible that the current signal amplifier can also amplify the 5G signal.

In fact, 5G not only has TDD mode, but also FDD mode. The frequency band used in FDD mode is mainly the current 2/3/4G frequency band, and if the current 2/3/4G operating frequency can be re-cultivated in the future, the signal amplifier will also The signal of the corresponding frequency band can be amplified.

5G will be an era of ultra-dense networking, and a large number of small cells will be introduced indoors. This is a device with its own signal, but we consider the global coverage of small cells, and some areas still need mobile phone signal amplifiers to help cover the signal.

In the future, 5G small base stations are likely to enter thousands of households, either wirelessly or using existing optical fibers as uplinks. Demand in the 5G era will usher in explosive growth, and mobile phone signal amplifiers will also develop with the times.

The new era has been widely accepted, which means that the signal amplifier should also follow the changes of the times, so as not to be eliminated by the times, so it can be considered that there may also be 5G mobile phone signal amplifiers in the future.

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