Here are 8 ways to boost your cell phone signal

Here are 8 ways to boost your cell phone signal

There is no signal on the mobile phone, you can't receive important calls, and the Internet is stuck when playing games. Don't worry. Today, I will teach you these eight methods to enhance the mobile phone signal, and start immediately!

1. Use a network detection instrument (for example: Cellular-Z, Signal Manager) to check the signal coverage in your area. According to the distance of each operator's base station, China Mobile, China Unicom, and Telecom will show different signal values ​​in the same area, especially in rural areas with few signal transmission towers, if only a certain operator's signal value is relatively smooth, you can Consider using cards from other operators for number portability services.

Second, the higher the geographical location signal value is more smooth. Because few buildings and other obstacles can block the signal. If you're at the foot of a mountain or in a valley, go higher, and if you're indoors, try going upstairs and staying next to the house closest to the mobile company's transmitter.

3. The strength of the mobile phone signal will be greatly attenuated after passing through the wall. Standing next to the window with a wide view at home as much as possible may help you obtain a strong enough signal.

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4. Since the mobile signal is transmitted in a straight line, it is blocked by thick building materials (such as concrete and steel), so the signal is very poor in relatively sealed environments such as basements, elevators, and power distribution rooms, so try to Avoid entering these places.

5. Keep the phone powered on. You need enough battery life to start calls and transmit and maintain a reliable signal. Power shortages can disrupt calls, so keep your phone charged throughout the day.

6. Avoid using electronic devices. Electronic devices (like laptops, iPads, and microwaves) can interfere with your cell phone signal, so if you're making calls, try to avoid them nearby. To maintain a mobile network connection, try to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your phone.

7. To hold the mobile phone correctly, you need to avoid covering the mobile phone antenna with your hands to ensure that the signal will not be blocked.

8. If you live in remote rural areas or densely populated urban villages where the signal is poor, you can buy a 5g signal booster. The signal amplifier can effectively enhance the signal, and the installation is convenient and quick.

The above is an introduction to the eight methods of enhancing the signal, I hope it will be helpful to everyone~ Friends who need a signal enhancer can contact us for consultation~

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