How to install the signal amplifier after receiving it?

How to install the signal amplifier after receiving it?

In today's rapid development of mobile communication, mobile phones have become a necessity for people, mobile phones are an indispensable thing in life, and a good communication signal is the top priority. If the signal is poor, it is estimated that many people will be mad. For example, the signal becomes poor, and important calls cannot hear what each other is saying, which often causes things to be delayed. How many people have heard of mobile signal booster? Are you afraid that it is too difficult to buy a home and install it, so you have been waiting and watching? It doesn't matter, after reading this article, you will know how to install a signal amplifier.

2G 3G 4G Dual Band Signal Amplifier with Antenna Set

Steps to install the signal amplifier:

1. Check whether the accessories are complete

After receiving the mobile phone signal amplifier, the first step is to check whether the accessories are complete: host, indoor and outdoor antenna, feeder, power supply, manual, warranty certificate. (Due to the different coverage and coverage requirements of each order, the line length and related accessories are subject to the delivery note)

2. Find a good signal source (signal value exceeds 4 grids) in the open outdoors or on the roof near the residence, check whether there is a signal tower nearby, install the outdoor antenna facing the signal tower or a relatively open place, and try to keep the antenna and the ground level. Try to keep a certain distance from the metal. It is recommended to stick vertically to the wall on the lower floor and to the wall on the lower floor.

3. The connecting line is connected to the outdoor antenna through the N and F heads. This connecting line is also called a feeder, with a length of 8m~50m. Outdoor antenna installation is fixed outside the roof or balcony. The most important thing is to find a place with a good signal source.

4. Use the outdoor feeder to connect the outdoor antenna to the IN port of the amplifier, and pay attention to tighten the port. Outdoor receiving antenna, its function is to receive the signal of the base station. The length of the feeder will affect the strength of the signal the longer the signal is lost.

5. Connect the indoor feeder to the amplifier OUT.

6. Choose a suitable location to install the indoor antenna, connect the amplifier host power supply, the power socket is the positive pole, the outside is the negative pole, and the shell material is engineering waterproof and flame retardant material.


1. The signal amplifiers of the indoor antenna and the outdoor antenna cannot be inserted in the opposite direction, otherwise the effect will not be produced.

2. The host should be at least 5 meters away from the outdoor antenna to prevent its own antenna from receiving its own enhanced signal, resulting in self-excitation.

3. Choose Linchuang signal amplifier to reduce radiation and ensure quality.

With the increasing use of mobile phones, the appearance of smartphones has greatly facilitated all aspects of our lives. A signal amplifier is a product that can enhance the signal of a mobile phone. It has a technical mark and can solve the problem of weak signal in all walks of life. I hope the above signal amplifier installation steps and precautions can help you

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