In just 60 seconds, the 4G mobile phone signal amplifier will double your signal!

In just 60 seconds, the 4G mobile phone signal amplifier will double your signal!

4G cell phone signal booster is mainly applicable to mobile or China Unicom users. Mobile phone amplifiers can be used in any place and scene, such as indoors and outdoors, including TV signals, and wifi can be installed in areas that cannot cover the signal. Moreover, the signal of the mobile phone will get better and better.

The mobile phone signal is poor, the Internet access and watching videos are stuck, and the call is intermittent. I believe you have also encountered this situation in your life. What's going on? The quality of mobile phone signals is most closely related to the communication environment. In buildings with complex structures, corridors, basements, elevators, offices and other places, communication signals belong to severely blocked areas, and the degree of signal reception may be worse in places with dense building layouts.

2 Band Signal Repeater 2G 3G 4G Network Booster 850 900 1700 1800 1900 2100MHz

A few days ago, Antonage Communication Technology Co., Ltd. received a request from the customer, Mr. Yuan, to solve the problem of poor mobile phone signal through Antonage 4G mobile phone signal amplifier. Boss Yuan is often unable to use his mobile phone to surf the Internet and make calls normally at home, and he misses a lot

Important calls and information. But if you want to solve the call and Internet signal, please see the analysis below.

1. The client's house is located in an urban village, and there are several rental houses in the surrounding area that are relatively dense, and poor signal is inevitable;
2. The building of the rental house is complex, the floors are 10 floors high, and the client lives on the 9th floor;
3. The indoor mobile phone displays three grids of signal, often unable to send information, and it is even more hopeless to swipe the video;
4. The area that the customer needs to cover is about 60 square meters, mainly to solve the 4G Internet call signal. We formulate a mobile 4G signal amplifier coverage plan for the customer.

Antonage 4G mobile phone signal amplifier host:

Mobile 4G Cell Phone Signal Amplifier


1 outdoor logarithmic antenna
1 indoor ceiling antenna

Dedicated feeder 30 meters

1. First of all, we install the logarithmic antenna on the roof of the building, pay attention to find the direction of the open signal and install it (if conditions permit, it is best to use a bamboo pole to fix it). Keep the antenna level with the ground, and try to install it at the base station position;

2. Then directly release the line to the 9th floor, and pull the line into the room from the window;

3. Install indoor ceiling antenna in the room;

4. Finally, connect the feeder power supply to the host interface.

In the information age, mobile communication is an "air bridge", and communication between people is ubiquitous and impossible. After installing the signal amplifier, the full coverage of 4G signals can be successfully achieved. The signal is stronger and the communication is more effective!

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