The use of inferior mobile phone signal boosters is very harmful

The use of inferior mobile phone signal boosters is very harmful

Because the mobile phone signal is not good, many people have installed mobile phone signal amplifiers, but there are different opinions on the function and impact of mobile phone signal amplifiers. Some people say that there is no harm, while others say that the harm is great. As a mobile phone weak signal solution expert, we would like to tell you that if you have purchased an irregular, unguaranteed inferior mobile phone signal amplifier, please stop using it and replace it with a regulated product. Let's talk about why the use of illegal mobile phone signal amplifiers is so harmful.

1. Shanzhai mobile phone signal amplifier quality

This kind of mobile phone signal amplifier has no ability to identify signals, but only amplifies all wireless signals in the air uniformly. The amplified wireless signals interfere with each other, which seriously affects the normal operation of the network. In addition, even if the mobile phone seems to have a full signal, because the useful and useless signals are amplified together, the signals interfere with each other, and the call quality is very poor in most cases. In severe cases, the base station will be affected and the signal will be paralyzed.

2. The factory inspection is not in place

Most of the signal booster have unknown origins, no formal testing, no professional technical team, and no R&D team. As a result, the radiation emitted by the product cannot be controlled below the human body injury, the radiation value is difficult to control, and the radiation exceeding the standard is inevitable. If the device cannot receive the signal, it will always work at the maximum power, and the radiation will be greatly enhanced, which will affect human health.

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3. No smart setting function

What is the smart setting function? Let's take Linchuang Technology's green AP mobile phone signal amplifier as an example, which can control the opening and closing of the wireless network according to the time, reduce the transmission power of the wireless radio frequency, etc. It improves the user's experience of using the device, reduces the power consumption and radiation of the device, and provides users with an energy-saving, environmentally friendly and green mobile phone use environment. However, a mobile phone signal amplifier without intelligent setting function is all-weather and high-power work, which not only wastes electricity, but also generates unnecessary electromagnetic radiation.

4. Improper installation

Inferior mobile phone signal amplifiers don't even have clear installation instructions, let alone after-sales service. In the use of mobile phone signal amplifiers, the installation is very important. Once installed incorrectly, self-excitation will damage the equipment or interfere with surrounding signals, so the installation requires professional guidance.

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