What are the components of a cell phone signal booster?

What are the components of a cell phone signal booster?

Due to the rapid development of my country's mobile communication industry, the number of mobile communication users is also increasing, so that the cellular planning is getting smaller and smaller, and the base station location is getting lower and lower; The shadow effect of wireless transmission will form the signal dead zone of the mobile phone signal booster behind or in the middle layer of these high-rise buildings.

In addition, during the construction of cellular mobile communication base stations, the main lobe of the antenna radiation field pattern has a large down-tilt angle to avoid interference from adjacent cells, so that the upper and middle parts of high-rise buildings generally cannot receive signals effectively. In addition, due to the shielding effect of buildings, etc. on electromagnetic waves, tunnels, subways, underground shopping malls, parking lots, hotels, office buildings and other closed large buildings cannot normally receive mobile communication signals.

If you appear in the above places and your mobile phone has no signal, then Antenaj's cell phone signal booster can come in handy. Mobile phone signal booster is composed of antenna, RF duplexer, low noise amplifier, mixer, ESC attenuator, filter, power amplifier and other components. It has the advantages of low investment, flexible coverage, and rapid network construction.

The mobile phone signal booster interferes with the base station. Generally, the interference of the host with good quality within 100mW can be ignored. The greater the power, the greater the interference.

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