What factors are related to the quality of mobile phone signal?

What factors are related to the quality of mobile phone signal?

Mobile phones are carried by people and are used for calls and Internet access. We often encounter intermittent calls, unconnected calls, or game freezes. These are all caused by poor mobile phone signals. Most people understand that it is artificial and The signal base station built by the operator is connected. Is it really the truth? Antonage mobile phone signal amplifier helps you solve many problems!

What are the factors that affect the quality of mobile phone signal?

1. Existence of obscuring buildings

First of all, we must understand that the quality of mobile phone calls is often closely related to its environment. For example, making a call in the basement is definitely not better than making a call on the road, because the basement itself is in a relatively sealed area. Seriously blocked the transmission of the signal. In order to save land resources, today's houses are being built higher and higher and denser, which leads to a worsening degree of signal acceptance.

2. Signal leakage

The poor quality of mobile phone calls in some areas is believed to be related to the leakage of TV signals.

Third, the installation of mobile phone signal amplifier

The mobile phone signal amplifier is also called the mobile phone signal booster. Its main function is to strengthen the transmission of indoor signals, which is beneficial to improve the problem of weak signal. But people often ignore some problems, that is, private installation is not allowed, because there may be interference with surrounding signals, it is best to ask a professional to deal with it.

3. Large flow of people, base station switching

The saturated call volume of the operator's network can also cause poor mobile phone signals. Due to the capacity limitation of each base station, the network speed perception is sometimes poor in densely populated areas.

Some users in high-rise buildings encounter poor mobile phone signals, which may be because they are in a location where they can receive signals from several nearby base stations at the same time, and the mobile phone will frequently switch signals between several base stations, resulting in intermittent Phenomenon.

4. Weather influence

We all know that in rainy and foggy weather, the mobile phone signal will be relatively poor. Why is this? Due to the increase in the density of water in the air, the transmission of the signal will become weaker, so the transmission speed will slow down, so the mobile phone signal will naturally deteriorate.

Five, mobile phone case

In order to protect our mobile phones, we usually buy mobile phone cases, many of which are made of metal, which will greatly weaken the reception of mobile phone signals. The blocking signal is very strong.

Based on the above reasons, in fact, there is not much direct connection between the quality of the mobile phone signal and the base station of the operator, which is mainly affected by the environment, weather, and human factors.

In view of the above four points, in order to enable normal communication between mobile phones, normal calls and Internet access, we need to install a set of mobile phone signal amplifier equipment, so as to amplify the normal signal outside the mobile phone to the place we need, and give it to the inside. Staff or customer personnel bring convenience on their phones.

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