What is a signal amplifier for? Is it useful in remote rural areas?

What is a signal amplifier for? Is it useful in remote rural areas?

How do cell phone signals travel?

People's daily communication relies on a substance of electromagnetic waves to function in the middle. For example, when we watch a short video, the creator uploads the work to a nearby base station in the form of electromagnetic waves, and after the base station receives it, it downlinks to the viewer's mobile phone in the same way.

At present, there are two network types: "FDD" and "TDD". FDD stands for Frequency Division Duplexing, and different uplink and downlink frequencies use different radio frequency points for communication. TDD stands for Time Division Duplexing. , the downlink frequency is the same, and different time slots are used to make calls. To put it simply, FDD is two one-way streets with clear division of labor. The upstream only needs to upload signals, and the downstream is also the same. TDD is a wide road, which can be passed both upwards and downwards.

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Causes of signal lag

The reason for the poor signal in rural areas may be that the electromagnetic wave encounters obstacles in the transmission process. It may be that the distance from the base station is too far, terrain factors and even the weather may also cause the loss of electromagnetic waves.

Principle of Signal Amplifier

Use the outdoor antenna to receive the signal of the base station, and then transmit it to the signal amplifier. The host of the signal amplifier starts to work, removes the impurities in the received signal, and then amplifies the signal, and finally transmits it to the user's mobile phone through the indoor antenna.

How to tell if it is applicable?

The cell phone signal booster www.booster.com only amplifies the signal, but does not generate the signal. A signal amplifier cannot function without a signal at all. Before purchasing a signal amplifier, you must first detect the signal yourself and then purchase it according to the model.

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