What is the reason for poor cell phone signal strength and how to fix it?

What is the reason for poor cell phone signal strength and how to fix it?

Due to the continuous development of various buildings and traffic roads, and being blocked by buildings, there are still some weak links in wireless communication that cannot meet the needs of customers. Network disconnection, poor signal and call interruption often occur. It is believed that most mobile phone users will experience this kind of problem. Trouble, this kind of mobile phone signal problem has seriously affected our normal life and work. Why is there such a situation?


1. Signal blind spot

Mobile phone signal blind spots refer to places outside the network coverage area, such as the suburban mountains and fields where no network communication facilities have been built, and places in the city where mobile phones are blocked by shelters and cannot be covered by signals. When it is in the signal blind area, it will cause the phenomenon that the mobile phone cannot be connected or the call is interrupted.

2. Electromagnetic interference

Mobile phone signals are transmitted through electromagnetic waves. When the interference of certain electromagnetic waves in the air exceeds a certain level, the mobile phone will have no signal or drop. Black broadcasts, illegal self-built TV antennas, pseudo base stations, etc., will cause strong interference to mobile phone signals.

3. Cross-regional disconnection

When crossing one serving cell to reach another serving cell during the call, the voice channel should also be switched from the original serving cell. If the new serving cell is busy and there is no redundant channel allocation at this time, the handover will fail and the call will be interrupted.

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4. Temporary network failure

Due to a temporary network failure or a particularly busy network, the mobile phone signal will also be poor. For example, in a prosperous commercial area or during the peak period of intensive calls, there may be situations where the phone cannot be dialed or received.

5. Environmental factors

Weather such as strong winds and thunderstorms will also affect the transmission of mobile phone signals.

6. Obstruction

The signal propagates in a straight line. If there are obstacles during the propagation, the signal will be affected. The more obstacles encountered, the weaker the signal. Such as tall buildings, confined spaces, underground garages and other places. Due to many obstacles, the call quality will be poor.

7. Cell Phone

It is possible that the phone has Do Not Disturb mode turned on or there is a hardware problem.


1. If the mobile phone signal is weak, try to walk out of the weak signal coverage area or go to a relatively spacious area to answer the call.

2. Answer the phone in a normal network environment, and avoid areas with concentrated traffic, peak periods, bad weather and electromagnetic interference areas.

3. Install a signal booster for cell phones. This method is chosen by many users, because the signal is stable after installation, and there are few cases of dropped calls. At present, there are many brands on the market, and Linchuang mobile phone signal amplifier has a better reputation.

4. Contact the operator to deal with it, but the cycle is long, and it is generally solved by adding a base station, and the investment cost is high.

5. The metal protective shell will affect the reception of mobile phone signals. If you use the mobile phone metal protective shell, take it off and try again.

6. Turn on and off the airplane mode, the network of the mobile phone will be reset, the mobile phone will re-detect the network and connect, which is very effective for sudden network or signal problems! In a simple and rude way, please choose to switch Airplane Mode!

The above is the content of this sharing, I hope it can help you better solve the problem of poor mobile phone signal.

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