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2G 3G 4G Dual Band Signal Amplifier with Antenna Set

2G 3G 4G Dual Band Signal Amplifier with Antenna Set

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*Before Buy, please check your local frequency first.
(if you used Android system kindly download this app : " LTE DISCOVERY" then you can look at this part ,there you can see the UL and DL Frequency)
( B.If you use iPhone .Holding the phone to the outside.Dial: *3001#12345#* → click into :Serving Cell info)
If frequency doesn't match, it can not works. Thanks!

This product is a dual-band signal amplifier that can amplify two bands at the same time.
(Please test your band before purchase, if the band is compatible, the amplifier will work)

·Upgrade Chip
More efficient for the signal transmission. More stable and won't drop.

·LED display
Display parameters clearly.

·Light and compact
Small size and light weight.

·Strong signal penetration
70dB high gain and 30dBm output power.

·Larger Coverage Range
Cover 200-500 square meters without barrier.

Package includes: Repeater*1, Indoor Antenna*1, Outdoor Antenna*1, Plug*1, Installation Kit*1
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