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800 900 1800 2100 2600 Four-Band Cellular Amplifier 2G 3G 4G Booster 4G Antenna

800 900 1800 2100 2600 Four-Band Cellular Amplifier 2G 3G 4G Booster 4G Antenna

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Please check this information before buying! ! (Very important)
My friend, before purchasing this product, please make sure that your current SIM card signal frequency matches the signal frequency of our device.

(PS: At the same time, make sure that the signal level of the outdoor mobile phone signal is at least 3 or higher).
Because if the frequency is not matched or the outdoor signal source is weak, the device may not work.
Therefore, we recommend that you check the frequency and signal strength of outdoor mobile phone signals before buying.

There are some ways to check the frequency: (Frequency doesn't match, the signal booster can't works.)

1. Turn on the network (2G/3G/4G) you want to amplify and go to outdoors of your house:
A: If you use Samsung phone .Holding the phone to the outside. Dial: *#0011# →ServiceMode→
B: If you use iPhone .Holding the phone to the outside.Dial: *3001#12345#* → click into :Serving Cell info
2.Install an app: Network cell info Lite, and show the screenshot to us.

How cell signal booster works ?
1.The outdoor antenna captures signal from the signal tower
2.The outdoor antenna transfers the signal to the cell booster via the Coaxial cable
3.The booster amplifies cell signal and sends it to the Indoor antenna
4.The Indoor antenna rebroadcasts the signal insides to all mobile devices
5.The Booster amplifies outgoing cell signal back to the signal tower
Note: External Signal Needed The signal booster can only amplify signal but can't create signal.If there is no signal outside, it won't work, please make sure you get 1-2 bars signal outside.
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